The SL-100 Professional Series Telephone Line Voltage Analyzer and Tap/Telephone Recorder Deactivator provides unprecedented protection against telephone line taps and telephone line recorders as it is designed to remain connected to the telephone line and to constantly monitor the telephone line to ensure it is secure.


The SL-100 features:

Plug & Play Installation

LED 'Safe-Line' Indicator

On-Hook and Off-Hook Line Voltage Monitoring

Built-In Digital Voltage Display Screen (reflects any change in phone line voltage)

Automatic Conversation 'Mute' Feature (activated by intrusion)

Automatic Deactivation of All Known Wire-Tapping Devices

Creates Frequency Shift in Crystal Line Transmitters

Automatic Activation of VOX Telephone Recorders (when line not in use)

Automatic Deactivation of Voltage-Sensing Telephone Recorders & Transmitters

100% State-Of-The-Art Digital Surface Mount Technology

Fully Line Powered (no battery or AC adapter required)

Measures 4.9" x 3.6" x 1.1"


NOTE:  Use the TT-07 prior to connecting the SL-100 to your telephone line to ensure that your starting line voltage reading (reference point) is an un-tapped reading (no wire taps or bugs on the telephone line).


The SL-100 comes complete with modular connector cable, instructions, and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

***SL-100 -- Professional Series Telephone Line Analyzer

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