The PC-KK4 Advanced Keystroke Logger for Wireless Keyboards allows you to capture all keystrokes on your PC and does not require software to install which makes it ideal for monitoring your child's online activities, your employees' online activities, or as a data backup device.

The PC-KK4 installs in seconds (simply plug it in to a USB port then plug the wireless keyboard receiver into the PC-KK4) and its non-volatile 4MB memory stores approximately 2000 pages of typed text.

In addition, its non-volatile memory makes it ideal for quick 'swapout' when you want to capture keystrokes on one PC and review on another without gaps in logging (requires two Keystroke Loggers).


The PC-KK4 features:

Plug & Play Use
Wireless Keyboards Compatible (works on all wireless keyboards)
No Software Required to Install
Undetectable (as it does not require keystroke logging software)
Installs in Seconds (plugs directly into USB port)
Compatible with all PC & LINUX Operating Systems
Non-Volatile Memory (record on one PC -- review on another)
4MB Memory (2000 pages keystroke-capture capability)
Captures All Keystrokes Including Email, IM, & Chat Room Activity
Password Protected
Review Captured Keystrokes Using Any Windows-Based Word Processing Program


NOTE:  The PC-KK4 is designed for use on wireless keyboards.


WARNING:  The use of this device is not intended to be used for the surreptitious interception of wire communications and should not be installed on a PC other than your own as to do so may be unlawful under federal and/or state law.

  The PC-KK4 comes complete with instructions and manufacturer's warranty.

***PC-KK4 -- Advanced Keystroke Logger (USB, 4MB Memory) ----- $149.00


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