The TSV-2240 Phone Recorder Voice Logger is ideal for personal or business use as it can record your activity on residential telephones (cordless or land-line), multi-line business telephones (connect via handset jack), PBX telephones (connect via handset jack), digital telephones (connect via handset jack), VOIP telephones (connect via handset jack), and Vonage telephones (connect via handset jack).

The TSV-2240 Telephone Recorder records both sides of your incoming and outgoing calls and features voice-activated recording with time date stamp, Caller ID, dialed number capture, and duration recording.  It records to an SD card and can store up to 70hrs per 1GB (8GB included -- can use up to 32GB SD card).  


The TSV-2240 Phone Recorder Voice Logger features:

Voice-Activated, Line-Activated, or Manual Record Capable

Time Date Stamp, Caller ID, Dialed Number Capture, Call Duration Recording

Caller ID & Dialed Number Capture (when connecting directly to phone line)

All Extension Phone Record Capable (record your activity on extension phones on your residential line)

Cordless Extension Phone Record Capable (record your cordless extension phones on your residential line)

Recording Announcement Capable (requires announcement WAV file)

AGC (automatic gain control -- balances incoming audio level) 

Records Single Analog Residential Telephone Line (connect via wall telephone jack)

Records Multi-Line Business Telephone (connect via handset jack)

2240hrs Record Time Capability (using optional 32GB SD card)

70hrs Record Time per 1GB (8GB SD card included)

1.5" Backlit LCD Screen

Built-In Speaker (for playback -- no PC required)

Built-In Microphone (for room recording)

Built-In Microphone Jack, Headphones Jack, RJ9 Jack, RJ11 Jack, Mini USB Jack, SD Card Slot

Built-in Navigation Keys

Loop Recording Capable

WAV File Format

Recording File Download (Windows compatible only - not MAC compatible) 

AC Adapter Power (AC adapter included)

Battery Power (3X AAA -- batteries not included)

Measure 5.75" x 2.75" x 1.50"  and Weighs 6oz

NOTE:  8GB SD Card is included.  This Phone Recorder will not function without a SD Card.


WARNING:  This device is not intended for and should not be used for the unauthorized interception and/or recording of wire/oral communications.  This device is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

   The TSV-2240 Phone Recorder Voice Logger comes complete with AC adapter, 8GB SD card, RJ9 cable, RJ11 cable, mini USB cable, manual (on CD), and our one-year warranty.

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