The MAC-SDRB3 HD 1080P Hidden Camera Smoke Detector features battery-power and a high-resolution color camera with built-in motion-activated video recorder making it ideal for law enforcement, home, and business hidden camera video surveillance applications.

The MAC-SDRB3 provides unprecedented motion-activated real-time video recording (up to 160hrs @ 30fps @ 480P -- may use up to 128GB SD Card) and one year standby battery life (with 20 hours record-time battery life) which makes it an ideal solution for portable video surveillance applications.

Easy-to-use -- simply connect the camera to a TV (using the included cable) for on-screen camera-programming (using the included remote control), disconnect from TV, and you're ready to record all activity within view of the camera.  


The MAC-SDRB3 Hidden Camera Smoke Detector Features:

Plug & Play Installation

View Recorded Video On TV or PC

OSD Menu/Programming (on TV using included remote control)

Built-In Sony High-Resolution Color CCD Camera (90º field-of-view, 550TVL resolution, .1lux)

Built-In Real-Time Video Recorder (record 1-30fps user programmable)

Built-In SD Memory Card Slot

HD 1080P (up to 22hrs record-time using optional 128GB micro SD card)

HD 720P (up to 80hrs record time using optional 128GB micro SD card)

420P (up to 160hrs using optional 128GB micro SD card)

HD 1080P Record Time -- 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB -- .8hrs/1.6hrs/3.25hrs/6.5hrs/11hrs/22hrs

HD 720P Record Time -- 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB -- 2.5hrs/5hrs/10hrs/20hrs/40hrs/80hrs

420P Record Time -- 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB -- 5hrs/10hrs/20hrs/40hrs/80hrs/160hrs

Capable of Recording Hundreds of Hours (with lower frame rate/lower resolution settings)

Built-In Video Compression Engine

Built-In PIR Motion Detection (detects body heat up to 30' away)

Loop Capability (when memory card full, oldest image replaced by newest image)

Embedded Time/Date Stamp (embedded in video -- view on TV or PC)

Playback Speed Control (1X/2X/4X/8X/16X/32X)

ARM/DISARM Capability (via remote control)

USB SD Memory Card Reader (for video viewing on PC)

Built-In Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

One Year Standby Battery Life (20 hours motion-activated record-time battery life)

Non-Functioning Smoke Detector

Measures 1.9" x 6.1" (47mm x 155mm)


  NOTE:  The MAC-SDRB3 Battery-Powered Smoke Detector Camera is available with 'straight down' or 'side' view.  Please specify when ordering.


The MAC-SDRB3 Hidden Camera Smoke Detector comes complete with one 1GB micro SD memory card, RCA cable (for TV connection), remote control, battery charger, instruction manual, and our 1-year warranty.

Built-to-Order -- Please allow 1-3 business days.

***MAC-SDRB3 -- Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

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