The MAC-RPODI HD 1080P high resolution B/W and Color Clock/Radio-iPhone/iPod Dock Hidden Camera with built-in high resolution color camera, built-in high resolution B/W camera, built-in motion-activated video recorder, and built-in hidden IR LEDs is a completely self-contained motion-activated hidden camera with Day/Night capability (color camera changes to B/W camera in low-light/no-light) and with invisible infrared illumination in total darkness (infrared LEDs provide up to 30' illumination in total darkness).

The MAC-RPODI provides unprecedented motion-activated real-time video recording (up to 160hrs @ 30fps @ 460P -- may use up to 128GB micro SD Card) surveillance capabilities which makes it an affordable option for residential, business, law enforcement, and industrial video surveillance and it's easy to use -- simply connect the camera to a TV (using the included cable) for on-screen camera-programming (using the included remote control), disconnect from TV, and you're ready to record all activity within view of the camera. 


The MAC-RPODI Clock/Radio-iPhone/iPod Dock Hidden Camera Features:

Plug & Play Installation

View Recorded Video On TV or PC

OSD Menu/Programming (on TV using included remote control)

1080p (30fps), 720P (60fps), 720P (30fps), 480P (30fps) Resolution (user programmable)

Built-In Sony Color & B/W CCD Camera (94º field-of-view, 550 lines resolution, .05lux)

Built-In Hidden Invisible Infrared LEDs (up to 20' illumination)

Built-In Real-Time Video Recorder (record 1-30fps user programmable)

Built-In SD Memory Card Slot (hidden SD card slot)

HD 1080P (up to 22hrs record-time using optional 128GB micro SD card)

HD 720P (up to 80hrs record time using optional 128GB micro SD card)

420P (up to 160hrs using optional 128GB micro SD card)

HD 1080P Record Time -- 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB -- .8hrs/1.6hrs/3.25hrs/6.5hrs/11hrs/22hrs

HD 720P Record Time -- 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB -- 2.5hrs/5hrs/10hrs/20hrs/40hrs/80hrs

420P Record Time -- 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB -- 5hrs/10hrs/20hrs/40hrs/80hrs/160hrs

Capable of Recording Hundreds of Hours

Built-In Video Compression Engine

Built-In Enhanced Video Motion Detection (pixel-shifting detection)

Enhanced Motion Detection Sensitivity (user programmable)

Enhanced Motion Detection by Grid (user selects/deselects Grids for motion detection)

Motion Activation Pre-Record (records 6 seconds before motion detected)

Schedule Record Capable

Automatic Motion Activated Event Recording

Loop Capability (when memory card full, oldest image replaced by newest image)

Embedded Time/Date Stamp (embedded in video -- view on TV or PC)

Playback Speed Control (1X/2X/4X/8X/16X/32X)

Fully Functioning Clock Radio with iPhone/iPod Dock (iPhone not included)

Lightning Connector -- iPhone Compatible

100VAC-240VAC 60Hz

Measures 10.6"W x 3.1"H x 6.3"D & Weighs 1.6 Lbs


 The MAC-RPODI comes complete with one 1GB micro SD memory card, AC Adapter, RCA cable (for TV connection), IR remote control, instruction manual, and our 1-year warranty.

Built-to-Order -- Please allow 1-3 business days.

***MAC-RPODI -- Color-B/W Clock/Radio-iPhone/iPod Dock Hidden Camera with Built-In Recorder

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