The DVR-8CH Motion-Activated 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder with Remote & Mobile Phone Access records video and audio from up to eight color or B/W NTSC or PAL video format cameras (wireless or hardwired) and it supports up to a 2TB internal SATA HDD (HDD not included).

Unlike problem-prone Video Capture Boards, the DVR-8CH stand-alone Digital Video Recorder will provide rock-solid, easy-to-use performance which makes it ideal for multi-camera law enforcement, industrial, commercial, and individual video surveillance applications. 


The DVR-8CH Digital Video Recorder Features:

Plug & Play

Extremely User-Friendly

Stand Alone DVR (embedded Linux operating system)

English & Chinese Language Option

Simultaneous Recording & Playback (embedded Linux operating system)

Front Panel Controls (OSD) & IR Remote Control

704x480 Display/Record Resolution (@ 60fps)

704x240 Display/Record Resolution (@ 120fps)

360x240 Display/Record Resolution (@ 240fps)

Remote Access via Internet (TCP/IP & DHCP)

Mobile Phone Access (Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone)

Remote Viewing Software (included)

8 Channel Capable

Full Screen/Multiple-Camera Playback Display (user-selectable)

Five Display Modes (full, multiple, sequence, exchangeable, PIP)

H.264 Compression

NTSC-PAL Compatible

Eight BNC Video Inputs

Eight RCA Audio Inputs

One BNC Video Output

One RCA Audio Output

RS485, RJ-45, Alarm Inputs, Relay Output

VGA Output (to PC monitor)

Composite Video Output (to monitor or TV)

Composite Video Output (to VCR)

USB Mouse Port (mouse included)

USB Port (for DVR to PC video download)

Video Backup (USB & Network)

Five Record Modes (manual, continuous, schedule, motion, or sensor)

User-Selectable Recording Speed

Recording Memory Rate (3MB per minute @ 30fps @ 1 Camera)

Triplex -- Simultaneous Video Recording, Playback, and Network Access

Video Search Capability (time/date & event)

Time/Date Stamp

User-Defined Motion-Detection Area

User-Defined Motion-Detection Sensitivity

Playback Forward/Reverse

Fast Forward (x2, x4, x6)

Fast Reverse (x2, x4, x6)

PIP (picture-in-picture)

Pan/Tilt Camera Control

250GB-2TB Internal SATA HDD Capacity (HDD not included)

Overwrite/Stop-When-Full Recording Capabilities

Video Loss Detection Alarm (user defined ON/OFF)

Motion-Detection Alarm (user defined ON/OFF)

External Sensor Alarm (user defined ON/OFF)

User-Defined Search Mode (time, date, event)

IR Remote Control (included)

Operating Temperature (32ºF-131ºF/0ºC-55ºC)

100-240AC (12V AC Adapter included)

Measures 13" x 10" x 2.4" (330mm x 245mm x 60mm)


The DVR-8CH Series Record-Time Capability:

116 Days Continuous Recording Time (500GB @ 30fps @ 1 camera)

15 Days Continuous Recording Time (500GB @ 30fps @ 8 cameras)


The DVR-8CH Series Digital Video Recorder comes complete with remote and mobile phone viewing software, IR remote control, USB mouse, AC adapter, operating manual, and our one-year warranty.

***DVR-8CH -- Motion-Activated 8-Channel DVR (HDD not included)

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